Amarillo's 2nd H1N1 Vaccination Clinic

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10
Amarillo, TX - Almost two-thousand more Amarillo residents are now vaccinated from the H1N1 flu virus. Amarillo's second free vaccination clinic in the last three weeks has come and gone, and the Amarillo Civic Center played host today to that 8 hour clinic.
Many folks wasted no time before getting in line this morning for the shots. Some people arrived more then two hours before the first shot was administered.
Matt Richardson of the Amarillo Public Health Department says the turnout was exciting, especially because there are plenty of doses available. After running out of the vaccine early during the last free clinic, The Amarillo Department of Health was able to receive 4000 doses.
Which is double the reserve in Amarillo from two weeks ago. The large turnout shows the need in our area is still very high. The Amarillo Department of Health says that shots were given at a steady pace all day however there are still around 2,000 doses of the vaccine left. That means as long as there's a need, clinics like this one will become a regular event this flu season.