Power Outage Problems

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Many people with electric heat are worried that cold days could lead to power outages. And as crews spend the evening trying to gauge the amount of electricity needed to avoid an outage, residents in one Amarillo neighborhood are weary the problem won't be fixed.

"I was freezing and I was wondering how I could withstand a cold shower or make coffee." Which is what many people including Jamie Ceniceros living in the Tradewinds Neighborhood were feeling when they woke up without power this morning.

"People turned up their furnace at the same time and took hot showers at the same time and it melted a fuse." says Wes Reeves of XCEL Energy. And if the fuse melted this morning then what's being done to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Reeves says "We'll have guys out there checking the power meters to make sure how to balance the power."

But many feel like if it happened for those reasons this morning then it may be a continuous problem. "I think its possible if everyone wakes up and takes a hot shower." Ceniceros said.

And now after a problem like this. Some people in the neighborhood are feeling scared about having electric. "It kind of makes me wish I had a gas water heater and yeah its something that I'll think about now," Ceniceros said.

But XCEL says they're monitoring the problem closely and there's nothing to be worried about.