Auto Burglary Suspects Arrested

NewsChannel 10
By KFDA Assignments Desk

Amarillo, Texas - Two men remain behind bars after police report finding property that could be linked to numerous auto burglaries in Amarillo.

Amarillo police say they confiscated over 200 car keys, purses, binoculars, radar detectors, walkie talkies, GPS systems, and garage door openers from the suspects. They say they also recovered 4 stolen automobiles from various locations around Amarillo during their investigation.

27 year old Jimmie Ray Dougherty and 26 year old David Lloyd Dunne were arrested and booked into the Randall County Jail. Dunne was arrested after police say they pulled him over in vehicle that was stolen from the garage of a home. They said the keys were left inside the vehicle before it was stolen.