Burglars may be watching your home filled with gifts

By: Michelle Langowski
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Your home may be the target for holiday thieves this season.

The Amarillo Police Department says although they typically do not see a large increase in residential burglaries during this time of year, they do find that thieves break into homes and steal Christmas presents from under the tree.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld says surprisingly most residential burglaries occur during daylight hours during the week when people tend to be away from home or preoccupied.

"We just get in a hustle and bustle world that we live in and we don't think about our surroundings and what's going on - so take that little extra time and make sure we secure our house and keep everything locked up and do a couple of little security checks and see what we can do to make it safer."

The most preferred points of entry are exterior doors and windows.

Neufeld encourages homeowners to spend a few dollars to slow burglars down.

Examples include a quality deadbolt, solid wood or metal clad doors, and window locks.

Another popular port of entry burglars are looking is through an open garage door.