Local Jails Fail Inspection

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A few jails in our area fail to meet standards. The Texas Commission on Jail standards inspects all Detention Centers on a regular basis. And the last round of inspections didn't go so well for a few of the local jails.

The Carson County jail is under orders to keep their average daily population at 18 inmates or below. The last inspection showed that an average of more then 18 prisoners were housed their daily over the last year.

But since finding out about the failed inspection, Sheriff Terry has done everything he can to meet the standards. "I complied with that variance. I got my population down by spending money to house inmates in other counties. Right now we have contracts with Armstrong and Childress County and since July my ADP has been under 18."

sheriff terry says he believes the jail is now in full compliance of all the rules and would welcome an inspection at any time. Armstrong county sheriff J. R. Walker says his jail also failed inspection but not because of failure to comply. He says the problems were clerical.

"Some of the paperwork was misplaced. It just wasn't there. but the Texas Commission on Jail Standards says all jails must be able to present proof of compliance. So the Armstrong County Jail must now make sure to keep track of their records.