Phone Scam Targeting People In Guymon

NewsChannel 10
By KFDA Assignments Desk

Guymon, Oklahoma - Police in Guymon have contacted the FBI and is working with other agencies regarding a phone scam involving criminals posing as law enforcement.

Guymon police say a criminal calls your number from a correctional facility then forwards your number to someone in the Houston area. They say you are then hit with long distance charges and correctional facility charges, which are usually extremely expensive.

The scam usually ends up coming from a 713 area code, which is the Houston area.

The problem is so bad that the Harris County Sheriff's Office and Texas County Sheriff's Department have worked with AT&T to have your number blocked from this scam. The number is 1-800-948-8800. If you have been a victim of this scam, you are asked to call the Texas County Sheriff's Office at (580) 338-4000.