Mike Huckabee in Amarillo

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - He's a Musician, Pastor and former Governor and now the author of his seventh book. Mike Huckabee made a stop in Amarillo this morning. His latest book is titled "A Simple Christmas." and Mike Huckabee signed several hundred copies for local supporters today.

Almost the entire shopping floor of Hastings in Amarillo was full with supporters of the Witty T. V. Host. "I know me pretty well and I wouldn't wait in line at 7 in the morning to see me. So I'm pretty impressed that this many people in Amarillo would line up to get a book signed." Huckabee said.

But they did and most of them were glad to have the chance. "I've seen him talk about it on Fox Business Channel and it seems like a really great book and this is just a great opportunity to get a copy." John Peters of Hereford said.

It's Huckabee's values that he believes his supporters will appreciate throughout the book. "I think sometimes people get caught up in the what of Christmas. What am I gonna eat. What am I going to wear. Christmas is not the what its the who. Its the relationships we have with others,with God, each other and families."

Huckabee also expressed his frustration with our current government. "They spend money they don't have. They borrow money they can't pay back. If any of us did that we' de be sitting in jail."

And he even had some time to talk about one of his favorite supporters... Chuck Norris. "He'll beat the daylights out of anyone who disagrees with him. Its just simple as that."