Local Ministry helps military families

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - More marriages of military couples are ending in divorce, continuing a climb that indicates the pressures of war at home.

Imagine joining the reserves thinking you'd be doing a weekend stint once a month only to discover you'll be deployed overseas. This has happened to many local military members, causing strain on relationships with their families. One local organization wants to help those families.

Julie Rose started the Amarillo Military Family Outreach Center with her husband of 16 years, Clayton Rose, who's an Air Force reservist.  She's a licensed counselor and her experience showed her the need for support for military families.

She says, "Marriages are having a hard time with this because single moms and kids and they just are so tired because they're trying to do everything. They're trying to be both parents at once. And that is sometimes a hug shock for them."

The Rose's operate out of the First Nazarene Church on Soncy, which provides the organization with volunteers.

Clayton Rose says, "Well we're going to provide any of those kinds of support, whether it's even a outreach as far as a mother's night out. In that case, we'll have the kids here."

They created a website, www.amamilitaryfamily.org and want to get the word out to families of military members that they are there to help and provide support.

Julie Rose says, "Families go through separation they weren't expecting. This wasn't a choice that they made."

Marriages among reservists also failed more this year than last. As in previous years women in uniform suffered much higher divorce rates than their male counterparts.

The Rose's say they offer different services to those who need it and could expand their ministry if they feel the need to do so. They say, however, that it's been tough to get the word out to military families who might need their help.