Black Friday shoppers damage store

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Shoppers desperate to get a good deal this black Friday damage a local store.

The Old Navy store on Soncy opened at three this morning to let shoppers get an early start.

The door has been repaired but was was fully off its hinges at three this morning as a crowd of shoppers apparently tried to push their way into the store. The store manager called the police.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department says, "We were reported as someone breaking down the door, trying to force their way in maybe, and I think what it turned out to be is just people who were standing in line out there got a little bit too antsy. And was trying to make their way in or something. Don't really know.

A store employee tells us the manager fought against the crowd to try to keep the door closed.

Police say no complaints were made and no charges were filed.