Restaurants packed for Thanksgiving feast

By: Michelle Langowski
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - While many families spent the day in the kitchen preparing for a home cooked Thanksgiving meal, thousands of others opted to have their feast at area restaurants.

The Big Texan restaurant has been serving a Thanksgiving day lunch buffet for the past 35 years... And this holiday they tell us they expect to feed over 1,700 mouths.

Owner Bobby Lee says over the years he has seen this tradition passed down through the generations.

"I think people, as hard as they work anymore, they really appreciate their time and if they get a chance to go at and not have to do dishes, go home and watch the Cowboys - it makes for a perfect thanksgiving."

It takes a lot of dedicated employees to make sure all those hungry mouths are fed... And by all the happy faces and full stomachs, it looks like their hard work paid off.