Faith City Ministries Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Raymond Gonzalez, Faith City Ministries
Raymond Gonzalez, Faith City Ministries

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX -The local less-fortunate now have much to be thankful for. Many people in our area don't have the luxuries of warmth and food. But thanks to some people in our community those luxuries are available to all this Thanksgiving.

Faith City Ministries held their annual Thanksgiving dinner today. And we're talking about all the fixings. From Potatoes to veggies to cranberry sauce and lets not forget the bird.

"Today we cooked 32 turkeys and that's a lot. Plus that doesn't include the ham and the dressing." says Raymond Gonzalez of Faith City Ministries.

And after these folks sit down and grab some thanksgiving dinner. They had the chance to go downstairs and grab some free coats as well. "We've got 358 new coats. And our main focus is primarily children. Parents and single parents with children," Jerry Billington  said.

And that's not even everything given away today. Things like socks, snacks, toiletries and shirts were also given away in goody bags. Dozens of volunteers came out to make sure nobody left hungry.

"I think we take it a lot for granted. You need to come down here and look into their eyes. It will break your heart. We're supposed to help each other," volunteer Janus Mays said.

Almost 300 needy people came empty handed and walked away with coats on their back and food in their stomach. Which shows that at least here in Amarillo, the holiday of thanksgiving is more about a mind set of giving thanks.