D.A.R.E replacements

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - You could soon be able to participate in a Citizen Police Academy in Potter County. But that's just one of the many things that will be made possible through the Sheriff's department.

Just yesterday all remaining funds reserved for the Potter County D.A.R.E program were transferred over to Potter County Crime Prevention. And though it's not very much money, our Sheriffs Department is thinking of ways it can help keep the community safe.

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas is very excited about his plans to begin a Citizens Academy next year.

"It will be one night at week where people can come in and learn different aspects of the sheriffs department."

It seems like a great idea because of how well it's been received in Randall county.  It think we've been real successful here in Randall county.

"Crime Prevention is about reaching out and bringing the community into your department," Crime Prevention Officer Mike Metzger says.

The local Crime Prevention units are still present in schools, And that's despite the D.A.R.E program being cut just a few years ago.

"We go upon request of the school. You know, we'd like you to come do a presentation on strangers. We'd like you to talk about alcohol or meth." Metzger says

And what's really different from the D.A.R.E program of years past is the wide range of citizens that are now being affected. Maetzger says various programs are targeted at age groups from children to senior citizens.

Officer's in the Sheriff's Department aren't the only ones dealing with crime prevention. All schools in the area have prevention coordinators that hold curriculum specific for each school.