Peanut Butter Face-Off

Join Doppler Dave and pastor Milton Jones of Amarillo South Church in a friendly feud concerning peanut butter which will also help the High Plains Food Bank.
Dave and Milt are asking folks to vote for their favorite peanut butter type, crunchy or smooth, by donating a jar of their preference. This will be a fun and competetive way to survey peanut butter preference in this area, as well as provide food for those in need. Peanut butter can be dropped off at Amarillo South Church, 6901 Bell Street in Amarillo.
Doppler Dave, of course, is a staunch crunchy peanut butter lover, while Milton Jones savors nothing but smooth. Not willing to budge on the issue, these guys are turning it over to you to settle the matter. Both have agreed to eat a peanut butter sandwich of the other's taste if they should lose.