Discipline Issues in Tulia?

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Tulia, Texas - The Tulia ISD Board of Regents is announcing they have 41 applicants for the position of athletic director.

The previous director Eric Wilson resigned after 12 years two weeks after the end of the football season.

Eric Wilson was athletic director and Tulia's football coach.

He was the coach this year when the Tulia administration chose to end the football season early citing safety concerns for the players.

But our information suggests something deeper is going on. A column by Brother O'Toole in the Swisher County News talks of a disciplinary incident at a football game in which a Tulia Hornet player exhibited an obscene gesture to the crowd.

According to a source we spoke with tonight discipline problems are rampant at Tulia High School.

When asked by a trustee...if there would be disciplinary action taken against the player the superintendent declined to comment.

He did tell us Tulia will be playing football again next year with a new athletic director. He says they "posted a couple weeks ago and today we have 41 applicants or folks that have indicated interest and have submitted resumes. And we're excited about that number.

When asked why they let go Eric Wilson, he said, We didn't let him go. he resigned and we accepted his resignation.

Also at the meeting tonight a speaker announced the formation of a group he called Concerned Citizens of Tulia.  However when I asked him why the group was formed he declined to answer saying he did not trust the media.