Free Car Charity

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Everyday people in Amarillo struggle with not having a car to do things like run errands, find a job, or even bring themselves or family to the doctor.

Robert Sexton is just sixteen months old and he struggles with cysts on his left lung. But getting to and from the doctor can be a task as his mother Katie Sexton doesn't have a car and no family in the area.

"We need a vehicle for our family. We have two children. My husband just started a new job. He needs to be able to get to and from work. We need to get him (Robert) to and from the doctors.

Sexton isn't alone in Amarillo. Davy Jenkins of the Downtown Women's home says, "the need for vehicles in this area is huge because there are so many people who depend on friends and city transportation. And most of the time some even walk."

But thanks to an online charity, people nationwide have been receiving free cars for over ten years. It's called and it gives people like Sexton a chance to tell her story and get votes for a new car. Once you get 100 votes you are eligible for a free car...

But votes alone don't give you a new car, it takes donations as well. The Amarillo area in particular is in need of donors in the form of not only cars, but cash. If you want to help out Katie or anyone else in need follow the link for Free Charity Cars.