Car Crashes into House

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX -The living room of one Amarillo home no longer exists after a car jumped a guard rail and plowed into the front of the house.

Morris Archer was next door to the house when he heard a loud noise. "We just happened to stop in for a minute for lunch. When we came out. We heard a loud boom."

Which was the sound of a black Honda Accord smashing into this house on South Tyler Street.  Before it could reach the house, the car jumped over that guard rail in a corkscrew motion and landed just short of the curb.

That's when Archer made his way over to the car. "I pulled one out of the backseat. We had to cut her seat belt to get her out. The one in the drivers seat we managed to get her out. And the one in the drivers seat he came out willingly."

Earl Hawk was at work when he received the unexpected news, "My wife happened to be out running errands. She came home and told me that we don't have a house no more."

Which is something that Hawk says is unfortunate, but at least his family wasn't home. "Its a sad loss but at least nobody was hurt. We get to live to see another day."

And most likely another house as the family is intact... But the house's foundation is not.