Money still needed for Grand Street Bridge

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The City of Amarillo says the BNSF railroad has agreed to pay $264,000 toward the construction of an overpass over the 3rd and Grand street intersection.

Both the city and TX-DOT say the plans for the bridge are coming along on time. The plans and a contractor need to be finalized by April...and the city still needs money.

The money the city of Amarillo needs to pay TX-Dot up front at a fixed cost still needs to be raised.

Martin Rodin, City engineer says, "We're still looking for the sources of our fixed cost. We are paying Tx-Dot 964-thousand dollars to do the environmental and do the plans. And we have about a half million in right of way and another couple hundred thousand in utilities."

Now that the railroad has contributed the City is waiting to hear from the County.  County Judge Arthur Ware says, "And we're looking at those matching funds. We'll discuss that with the city and come up with an amount that we can contribute to this project."

The process is, however, continuing, with new hurdles expected to be cleared soon.  TX-DOT's Howard Holland says, "We've completed our environmental studies have been submitted to the federal highway administration for review. Very positive at this point that they'll be quickly approved. And I guess with the final thing is with our desi8ng. We're not running into any issue at this time."

Rodin adds, "The City is committed to see the project through so we'll come up with the money either through new certificates of obligation or emergency reserves, whatever we have to do to do the project."

The city does have enough money to actually construct the bridge. That's being paid by TX-dot through stimulus funds.