Accused Killer's Mother Speaks To NewsChannel 10

Debbie Holguin
Debbie Holguin

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Lubbock, Texas - Not a monstrous killer, but a loving family man is how an accused murderer's mother describes her son.

Because of the international attention the Spotted Pony Lounge murder has received, NewsChannel 10 sat down exclusively with Ray Carlos Cisneros' mother in Lubbock Wednesday to share her message to Amarillo, and the rest of the world.

Debbie Holguin says her son's intentions never were to kill anyone, and that had it not been for a stranger who had just come into Cisneros' life, Thursday night's events never would have happened.

Holguin paints a very different picture of her son than a person who committed murder, sexual assault, and aggravated assault last week.

She says R.C., as she calls him, is a loving husband and father to an eight year old girl.

So, she was shocked when she saw him behind bars.  Holguin says, "he just said mom I did not kill anyone, they charged me with capital murder, I said I know, and he said I didn't kill anyone."

Cisneros and his family have no ties to Amarillo, and his mother says a recent acquaintance named Zeke brought Cisneros here that night.

She says, "if it wasn't for Zeke, my son wouldn't have been in the situation."

Holguin adds her son was high on meth when it happened, and in his right mind would never have committed a crime.

But Amarillo police have a different take.

Lieutenant Gary Trupe says, "it's more than obvious he went in there that night to commit a robbery and I'm assuming he tried to control the situation by using a gun."

Lt. Trupe says more charges could be coming for Cisneros.

As for the family of the victim, England native Thomas Reeve, Holguin offers her condolences:

"I am so sorry for what happened to her son because I have a son. I have two sons, and to have your son taken away from you is a tragedy."

Lt. Trupe says police are still actively investigating last Thursday's murder, and are looking for that  possible accomplice.  He also says more charges are on the way for Cisneros, stemming from the alleged assaults he committed that same night at the Spotted Pony.