Miami School Fire

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Miami, TX - A fire in the Miami School results in the cancellation of all classes for at least the next few days.  The custodial staff arrived at the school in Miami this morning to find smoke billowing from the hallways.

So they took it upon themselves to put out the flames. Robertson County Volunteer Fire Chief Randy Crismas said,

"They went in there and tried the extinguish the that fire with fire extinguishers. It quickly overcame their capabilities. They backed out and called the fire department.

The fire started sometime between 5 and 5:30 this morning and the flames engulfed almost everything in the concession stand. Fifteen units responded to the scene and quickly doused the flames.

"We've pretty much contained everything to the concession stand. The damage in the library was some smoke but primarily water."  Crismas said

The president of the Miami School Board Tom Grantham isn't sure yet how long the water damage will keep the school closed.

"I believe we'll be in the grade school rather quickly there's a possibility of later this week and certainly next week. The high school facility and the library may take quite a bit longer to clean up."

The school was fairly lucky on this one. That's because there are no fire alarms in the building due to the fact that it was built long before that became mandatory. Meaning if the custodians hadn't showed up when they did... Things could have been a whole lot worse.