Effortless Entertainment, Peace of Mind, Comfort and Convenience

Effortless Entertainment
Make your home the hangout for family and friends. Control4 Home Theater and Multi-Room Music systems make your house the most entertaining place around.

  • Use your Control4 System Remote to start a movie, dim the lights and adjust the temperature for a true movie theater experience in your own home.
  • Access your music and videos from any room in your home, anytime.
  • Make your home theater system easy enough for a child to use with one simple remote to control all your AV gear.
  • No more searching through CD cases to find the music you want to hear. Create the perfect mood by playing your favorite playlist over the entire house for your whole family to enjoy.
  • Classical in the den, Blues in the kitchen and Rap in the teen's room - all at the same time. Use your Control4 touch screen or remote control to play music from multiple sources including your MP3 player, external hard drive or computer.

Peace of Mind
Rest easy knowing your home and family are safe and secure at all times.

  • Control4's 4Sight Internet Services can send you email alerts to let you know when your kids get home from school, if the garage door is left open during the day or if a water leak is detected in the basement.
  • Monitor and control your home from any Internet connection in the world - adjust the temperature, monitor your security cameras, turn the lights on and off, and more. With Control4's 4Sight Internet Services, your home is always a click away.
  • While you're on vacation you can make it look like you're home by automatically turning on the kitchen lights during dinner time and the porch lights at sunset.
  • Save money on your utilities by setting your lights to turn off automatically when a room is unoccupied for a certain amount of time.

Comfort and Convenience
Make your home comfortable by conveniently adjusting your lights and temperature from anywhere in your home, and anywhere in the world.

  • Never wake up to a dark, cold bedroom again. Control4 makes it possible to wake up to the perfect temperature with your lights gradually turning on while your favorite music plays over your bedroom speakers. With Control4, you always get up on the right side of the bed.
  • Set your home to goodnight mode with the touch of a button. The Control4 system an automatically adjust your temperature to its nighttime setting, turn off all the lights in your home and arm your security system.

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