Pipeline Explosion Update

Richard Wheatley, El Paso Natural Gas
Richard Wheatley, El Paso Natural Gas

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Bushland, TX - New natural gas piping now sits in the ground in Bushland. Over the weekend the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Administration finished gathering samples from the explosion site. I'm being told those samples are on their way to Washington D.C. for an investigation that could take months.

Now that all materials are gathered to figure out why the line exploded... Its time for the pipe to be reconstructed.

We've got the line replaced and we're doing the finishing touches coordinating with Atmos Energy, Richard Wheatley of El Paso Natural Gas says.

Atmos Energy is being patient about when they can begin re-building their station that once stood 150 feet from the explosion site.

Roy Uruttia of Atmos Energy knows that station needs to get up and running. "The station that was damaged provides gas to Bushland, the Prairie West Subdivison and other outlying areas."

The hope is that this station will be up and running in no more then two weeks. But most Atmos customers were only without service for a few hours.

That's because Atmos was able to put in a by-pass line to serve their customers right away. In the mean time El Paso Natural Gas is setting up a town hall meeting for some time next week.

Wheatley says "People need to have their concerns heard and we understand there are a lot of issues out there."

The time and date of that meeting are still being discussed. Some good news from the Torres family who lost their home in the blast.  A Bushland Schools Administrator told newschannel 10 today that the young girl in the Lubbock burn unit is in serious condition but will not need surgery.

Her mother was released from Northwest Texas Regional Medical Center today and is on her way to Lubbock to see her daughter.