Why a Control4 Smart Home is a Smart Idea

Control4 combines high tech solutions with ease of use for positive environmental impact. By giving you control of your home, we make it easy to conserve precious resources like energy, water and time.

Now your lights can go on and off based on the time of day. The Control4 system is even smart enough to know if there's anyone in the room or anyone in the home and manage energy consumption for you.

How much can you help the environment with a Control4 system?
Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste. In a typical 3-bedroom home, a Control4 family could save over 850 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. That's the equivalent of not driving a car for a month. And, that's just the beginning.

Further savings can be realized by controlling the amount of wattage used by light bulbs and installing dimming devices which conserves electricity, savings energy costs and extends the life of light bulbs.

  • Dimming the light 10% saves 10% electricity and extends bulb life 2 times longer.
  • Dimming the light 25% saves 20% electricity and extends bulb life 4 times longer.
  • Dimming the light 50% saves 40% electricity and extends bulb life 20 times longer.
  • Dimming the light 75% saves 60% electricity and extends bulb life more than 20 times longer.

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