Gas Line Explosion Damage

by Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Bushland, TX - Many houses in Bushland near the blast suffered major damage in the explosion.  Now that the initial shock of the explosion is a day old,  residents are taking a look at the damage done to their homes.

William Lyons lives right across the street from from the accident site. "By the time I got out of my bed and peeked out the bedroom window the fence was already burning."

El paso natural gas is currently assessing the needs of homes in the immediate area. Richard Wheatley of El Paso Natural Gas says, "What we're seeing here is that the most damage to property is in the general area."

Assesers were out this morning checking for things like melted window blinds and cracked window panes. As well as burnt fences. The gas company is first checking on houses in the immediate area... Then branching out past that.

"The process of coarse will be ongoing, and we won't stop until its all done." Wheatley says

Thats great for residents like Lyons who says "We've got several broken windows partly from the blast and partly from the heat that hit this side of the house."

But even though the task of fixing the house is upon him... Lyons feels it could have been worse.

"We've got some damage to the roof from the heat. But other then that it looks like we came away pretty fortunate."

El Paso Natural Gas is just beginning their recovery effort. I was told today there is no exact time table for all the houses to be fixed. But they're working around the clock.