SUSPECT In CUSTODY: Man Robs, Sexually Assaults, & Shoots 1 Dead

Ray Carlos Cisneros
Ray Carlos Cisneros

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

A man faces capital murder charges tonight after police say he opened fire inside an Amarillo bar killing one then sexually assaulting another.

25-year-old Ray Carlos Cisneros was arrested earlier this evening at I-40 and Whitaker road.

He has been booked into the Potter County Jail with a recommended bond of one-million dollars.

Last night just before eleven, police were called to the Spotted Pony on Paramount for multiple shots fired.

They say Cisneros was in the bar earlier in the night, went back, and started shooting.

28 year old Thomas George Reeve, an England native was shot and killed.

He was passing through Amarillo on a road trip with some friends. 48 year old Gordon Gollihugh was shot in the hand.

Police say Cisneros also forced a woman to take off some of her clothes and then sexually assaulted her.

He also reportedly robbed other patrons of their purses and wallets.

Police say they have found some of those stolen items and the gun used.


Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo Police want the public to be on the lookout for an Hispanic man who shot two bar patrons, killing one of them, sexually assaulted another patron, and robbed others.

Police say they got the call around 10:45 Thursday night that a man walked in and fired several shots inside the Spotted Pony Lounge at 2042 Paramount.

Two people were hit: 28 year old Thomas George Reeve, a United Kingdom resident, was killed; 48 year old Gordon Gollihugh was hit in the hand.  Reeve had been traveling around the U.S. with two other friends and had just arrived in Amarillo on Thursday.

The suspect also forced a woman to take off some of her clothes and then sexually assaulted her in front of the other bar patrons.   He also assaulted several other people in the bar, taking their purses and wallets, and stole money from the register.

The suspect had apparently been in the bar earlier in the evening and came back with a bandana on his face.  When it fell off, patrons recognized him as a man who had been there before.

He is described as an Hispanic male in his early twenties, about five feet, five inches tall.  Police believe he is still armed and dangerous.

If you have any information on the crimes, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 374-4400 or Special Crimes at 378-9468.