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Residents Say Bushland Explosion Was Straight Out of the Movies

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Bushland, Texas - Bushland residents are still in shock after a natural gas explosion rocked their neighborhood.

If you take a look around the Prairie West neighborhood in Bushland... You'll see charred grass, piles of rubble, boarded up windows.

All caused by an explosion so loud it shook houses, a fire so hot it burned window blinds and flames reaching 700 feet into the air... That's twice as tall as the Chase Building.

It was a sound that shocked a neighborhood. "Like a freight train.... I thought a plane had crashed... I thought I was having a nightmare. The bed was shaking like this, the walls were shaking like that."

It was a sight that sent many into panic mode. "Get the baby, get the pets, get my family and get out... I told my kids to go to the safe room."

The El Paso Gas line explosion happened around one on Thursday morning near Bushland High School... Forcing the mandatory evacuation of nearly 300 residents. "There were just black things everywhere. Just falling out of the sky. I still have those black things all in my hair. You could just smell the heat." 

Despite the extreme heat and fast moving flames, talk about a big flame, surprisingly, the Prairie West neighborhood fared pretty well, with most homes sustaining nothing more than some broken windows.

But one family lost so much more. "I saw the house totally engulfed in flames." Their home was burnt to the ground from these flames. Three people suffered injuries.

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