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Neighborhood Concerns

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Bushland, TX - How safe is it to live close to a natural gas pipeline? Some residents in Bushland are now thinking a little bit more about where they live. Everyone we talked with today in the Prairie West sub-division knew about the gas line long before the explosion this morning. But after being jolted from their beds early this morning, may think about it more. 

The sides of cars were melted as well as mailboxes and basketball hoops. Ferman Garza lives across the street from where the explosion happened,  "the intense heat melted my sons car and part of my car and some damage to the outside."

Many believe they were lucky as flames reached right up to their front door. "We hope it doesn't happen again because the roar of the flames definitely reached the tip of my house." Garza said.

 For some residents near the pipeline everyday activities will be thought about a little differently. Resident Steve Hall said, "when I'm out mowing and various things like that. The damage it can do to you. You have to watch out for that and others around you."

 No matter how long these folks live here they vow they will always remember the risk.

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