Hundreds Pack John Stiff Park For Tea Party

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Hundreds of different messages converged to form one, which was sent loud and clear to Washington Thursday.

Protesters packed John Stiff Park Thursday afternoon as a local part of a national movement called "Countdown to Judgment Day" - judgment day being Election Day 2010 - and it told our lawmakers to stop the spending, or face losing their jobs.

This was Judy Fulton's first tea party.  She says what brought her out today was the message Washington is sending to young people through bailouts.

"I don't like my grand kids being pitted against me. Because I have worked all my life and now I'm drawing social security and I don't want my grand kids to think they will not have to work," says Fulton.  She also says she worked for her social security, and the she deserves her cut.

For others, today was for speaking out against the attitude of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Melynda Vaughan says, "Congress and our president say we're borderline terrorists for expressing our views."

Her father, a broken up David Grifford, says  "she tries to group the average person as a domestic terrorist. And being a vet, I don't like it."

Organizers energized the crowd by urging them to protest bills being considered in congress.

Protesters had the option to sign petitions that are being sent with letters to Washington protesting the health care bill and Cap and Trade.

By the way, there were some protesters protesting the tea party, and tea party goers said they tried to talk to them, but were ignored.