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Team Coverage: Bushland Residents Describe Explosion

Suzanne Torres Suzanne Torres
Marsha Donnell Marsha Donnell
Thomas Sluski Thomas Sluski

Flames were seven hundred feet high, sound so loud it rattled houses and caused windows to blow out... Many residents in the Prairie West neighborhood say they were living their worst nightmare.

Suzanne Torres went to bed around 12:45 this morning, but was woken up suddenly about thirty minutes later. "I thought i was having a nightmare. The windows were shaking like this and the bed was even rattling. I told my kids to go to the safe room."

After she made sure her family was safe, Suzzane joined about 75 others who sought shelter at Bushland Middle School.

"Grab the baby, grab the pets and get out," says Marsha Donnell. 

And although it was the middle of the night, there wasn't much sleeping going on... There was just too much to talk about.

"I thought it was a plane crash" said Donnell. Thomas Sluski descibes it "as a big wall of fire... It sounded like a blow torch right by your ear."  "It was like a freight train," said Terri Gray. 

"There were just black things everywhere. Just falling out of the sky. I still have those black things all in my hair. You could just smell the heat," says Suzanne Torres.

Life is pretty much back to normal for these folks... They are all back in their homes now, and the flames are completely under control.

Schools in Bushland started late today, but they are all well underway right now.

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