New Police Chief, New Crime-Fighting Plan

Pampa Police Chief Kelly Rushing
Pampa Police Chief Kelly Rushing

by: Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Pampa, Texas - A new Pampa Police Chief means a new crime-fighting plan.

Gray County Deputy turned Pampa Police Chief Kelly Rushing says the people of Pampa are tired of the status quo... And it's time for change.

Kelly Rushing has only been Pampa Police Chief for about three weeks now, but he's already tackling one of Pampa's most notorious problems. "Any drug problem is a large problem. Free up some more personnel to do more activity directed towards narcotics enforcement."

He says cracking down on crime will take a spirit of cooperation with his old co-workers at the Gray County Sheriff's Office. "On the ranches and all they call it neighboring. If your neighbor needs some help go help your neighbor and he'll come help you when you need some help. The worst thing you can do in law enforcement is try to work on something in secret because somebody may have the answer that you're looking for already."

The Gray County Sheriff's  Office is on board with Rushing's plan of full cooperation.

Lt. Joe Hoard says, "It's a cooperative effort between the agencies to take lawbreakers off the street. Our relationship with the Police Department has always been good, we look forward to it being excellent now. That can only mean better things for the citizens of Gray County and the City of Pampa."

Rushing also plans to work hand in hand with the public... He's added a crime prevention officer to the force who will serve as a direct link between the residents and the police department.