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Computer Viruses

Angela Eilers Angela Eilers
Joel Buckley, Amarillo Digital Joel Buckley, Amarillo Digital

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - The holiday season is the prime-time for spy-ware creators and hackers to infect your computer.  Its a time when people are buying things online and entering their credit card information in the process. So it's extra important to keep your computer free of spy-ware.

Angela Eilers began to notice that her new computer started acting differently in the form of getting slower and slower. It turns out her daughters had been playing games on the internet when pop-up advertisements came on the screen.

Things such as free Ipods or Gameboys. And some pop-ups are coded to accept the offer if you click anywhere on the window. And that includes the "X" in the top right hand corner.

Joel Buckley of Amarillo Digital warns, "Theres a potential that the x could be sending information thats in the cash." Meaning the information linked to your credit card information.

Angela Eilers believes, "You have to teach your kids to be aware. If it says its going to be free then it's probably not going to be free." And ever since Angela began using caution with her computer and children, "We haven't really had any problems since and its wonderful.

Another thing to worry about these days has to do with social networking sites like facebook or twitter. Many times if someone's computer becomes infected, a link will be sent to all of their friends. Its never a good idea to click this link unless you know for sure what it is.

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