Michael Wayne Garrard admits to killing 14 month old Evyn Vaughn

Michael Wayne Garrard
Michael Wayne Garrard

Amarillo, TX --  More than two years after his indictment, Michael Wayne Garrard admitted to killing 14 month old Evyn Vaughn in a plea agreement Monday morning.

For pleading guilty to the count of reckless injury to a child, Garrard will spend the next 20 years in prison.

Garrard killed 14 month old Evyn Vaughn in April 2007.

He was indicted on one felony charge of serious bodily injury to a child in October 2007.

He pleaded out before the beginning of his scheduled trial Monday morning.

In Vaughn's memory, the "There's No Excuse For Child Abuse" cook-off takes place north of Amarillo every July.

It raises money for the Evyn Vaughn Memorial Fund to benefit victims of child abuse.