Electronics at Record Low Prices

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Consumer electronics are now cheaper than ever.

The holiday shopping season is almost in full swing, with many retailers beginning extended hours during this first week in November... And this year, many buyers are getting a gift of their own... The lowest electronic prices in history.

We're talking flat screen TVs, digital cameras, game systems... this holiday season is a bargain hunter's dream come true.

Sean Medina is the General Manager at Best Buy. He says, "Everywhere you look in the store, there's some kind of price drop happening. Just massive discounts."

Best Buy's Brian Hughes adds, "Roughly a 20-25% drop on TVs." And that's just the beginning. Medina says, "The price drops will be frequent and aggressive."

Lets check out some of these record setting prices. Electronics research companies say the average Windows notebook comes in at about $572 dollars this year... The first time it's ever fallen below the $600 mark.

Camcorders have fallen to an average of $275, down from more than $360 dollars last year.

And if you have a directionally-challenged person on your gift list... GPS systems are running an average of $189, compared to $242 in 2008.

Medina says you'll see the biggest price drop in the home theatre department. Your average flat panel has gone from nearly $900 dollars to $650 in the past year alone.

When it comes to game systems, you'll save fifty dollars on a Wii and the price of a PS3 has been slashed in half in most cases.

Experts attribute the drastic drop in price to overstocked warehouses due to struggling sales in a tough economy, combined with good old fashioned supply and demand.

Prices are expected to hit rock bottom on Black Friday, with bargain basement deals on most gadgets. After that, researchers say prices have already fallen so far, there's not much more room to give.