Woman Kicked Off Plane In Amarillo For Screaming Child

Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A cranky child can apparently lead to stranded passengers, if the flight crew believes the child will be trouble the entire flight.

The woman, Pamela Root, and her two year old son were on their way back to San Jose, California after a stay here in the panhandle.

An outraged Root told a San Jose newspaper when her son started screaming, the Southwest Airlines captain came over the loudspeaker and said the plane was going back to the gate.

Flight attendants then escorted the two off the plane, leaving them in Amarillo for another day.

Root has been fuming ever since the Monday incident, writing things on Twitter like she will "never fly Southwest again."

Her fury has led Southwest Airlines to apologize. Spokeswoman Ashley Rogers says, "Southwest Airlines has reached out to our customer to apologize for the inconvenience. We refunded her ticket and provided her with a travel voucher for future travel."

Rogers says Southwest has fully resolved the conflict.  She also says this is a rare case. The company does not have any guidelines in place as far as child behavior and when people are kicked off flights.