Family: "DA Letting Murders Go Free"

By Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

DIMMIT, TEXAS - The family of a murdered Dimmitt man is blasting the district attorney for what they call incomplete justice.

Four months ago Michael Nicholson was murdered in a government facility down in Lubbock. Fast forward to this week and a grand jury approved a manslaughter indictment in the case, but the family says that just isn't enough since six people were fired for the incident.

"It's my understanding is that nothing is going to be done about any of the other employees other than loosing their jobs. and that's not good enough in my opinion," said David Nicholson, brother of the victim.

The family say the DA told them everyone else who was fired just didn't meet the guidelines for charges to be pressed. The DA would not comment because he says this is an on-going investigation.