Ghost hunting at the Nat

by Juanita Garza

Earlier this week, Steve and I went on our own little adventure at the Nat trying to find any kind of paranormal activity.

"Watch out"... Those were the words captured on tape by Macie Jefferson while at the Nat with her family.

They were in the pool area when she and a friend started to freak out.

It wasn't until they played back the recording that they heard the voice.

"We were just sitting there really quite...we started to go back and we played the audio back and it had said out," she said.

There have been many reports of paranormal activity from hearing voices to unexplained magnetic energy.

While in the ballroom we got a little taste of that magnetic energy from a computer screen.

The screen would turn from blue to green, right before our eyes.

At this time no one has an explanation as to why this occurs.

Though one research group claims there's unusually high electromagnetic activity in this exact spot.

The next stop on our tour was the basement.

Macie says the last time she was down here she saw something.

"We were down here and where the hot water heater is there was something standing, I could see a dark shadow over it," she said.

While she may have seen what looked like a dark shadow, we, however, turned up empty-handed.

After leaving the basement and making our way through the ballroom Kristina Cole told us the story of how she fell and broke her leg while performing at the Nat.

When we asked the spirit if he had done it, this is what he had to say... "usually."