Downtown Revitalization

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Downtown Amarillo is in the midst of a makeover. Its been almost three years since Amarillo and Center City drafted a plan to revitalize the downtown area. With the help of recent grants and local efforts the revitalization is in full swing.

The Amarillo downtown area has some very appealing aspects, but that's not enough to make it an appealing place to live. Beth Duke of Center City city says "We want downtown to be a place to live,work,play,learn and worship. We are working on all of those."

A major part of the downtown revitalization is making the sidewalks more walk-able.

"We are working to nominate Amarillo to get some of this Texas Department of Transportation money and if we get that we're gonna be able to improve all the sidewalks and make them more walk-able." Duke says

What we can say for sure however is downtown needs some convenient places to shop. Duke says "We have people who are talking about putting in a convenience store and putting some more retail and we're trying to encourage them that there is enough traffic."

But as far as progress and when we can expect to see a difference, Duke says "We think in the next five years you will see a big difference.

One thing to keep in mind is that the plan was drafted to take five to ten years. So everything is right on schedule.