Cotton Crop Yields

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo,TX-The local economy could soon get a boost as cotton farmers hope to begin the harvest later this week. One local farmer is saying that he's optimistic about a higher cotton yield then last year, and that's despite the late start to the harvest.

There hasn't been any cotton put through the Carson County Gin yet but the largest cash crop in the state of Texas could be ready for harvest in the next few days if the weather holds up.

"Last week we got about 3 inches of rain and the cold weather earlier has delayed it even further," says Keith Mixon of the Carson County Gin.

The state of Texas should yield some 4.5 million bales of cotton this season. But what does that mean for your local economy? Newschannel 10 spoke with Dede Jones of the Amarillo agri-life extension.

"Once farmers get that money in their pockets they tend to be spenders rather then savers and so if they have a really good year I think we're going to see them buying new pickups. They really like pickups or buying new equipment."

And whether the economy see's a boost or not will depend on the yield this year. Meaning the next few months will hopefully better the economy, One thread at a time.