Armstrong County Sheriff Impersonation

by Ryan Cody

Amarillo, TX - Statute 3307 was only put into effect September first of this year. And until possibly now--hasn't been used. It states that a person has committed an offense if they send a message over the internet referencing someone else's name or telephone number Without consent.

Newschannel10 reported earlier that an individual claimed to be Sheriff James Walker on an Internet message board. Sheriff Walker denies having any relation to the comments that claimed he would pull over cars just for having a Texas Tech sticker on the window.

Sheriff Walker denied our request for an on camera interview, But Randall County D.A. James Farren believes this may fall under the new statute.

"This 3307. Specifically is online harassment. That's the whole point. And.....this appears to me to be close," he said.

Sheriff Walker did tell NewsChannel10 that he plans to try and find the impersonator and press charges.