Tips for keeping your child safe from the flu

Here are tips from Parenting Magazine on keeping your child safe from the flu.

Wipe down the handle of shopping carts, doorknobs of public bathrooms and the menu out at restaurants.

Bring your own books and toys to a doctor's office as well as your own pen to use at the pharmacy and checkout counter.

Use a disinfectant to spray down your phones, remote controls, and microwave and refrigerator door handles.

Power up on the probiotics and vitamin d, both help activate immune cells.  Give your children yogurt, juices, eggs, cheese and salmon.

As the days get shorter, you may want to bump up toddlers' and preschoolers' bedtimes half an hour or more.  Doctors say being sleep deprived contributes to all kinds of illnesses.

A final good rule of thumb is keeping baby wipes nearby so you can constantly clean your child's hands.