College Students: High Risk for H1N1, But Low on Vaccine Priority List

Some of the people most at risk for catching the H1N1 flu might not receive the vaccine anytime soon.

Threat of the H1N1 flu is creating quite a stir on West Texas A and M's campus.

"Everybody is getting it. I almost feel like I need to wear a mask to school... I Lysol my office all the time... When I touch doors, I Germ-x my hands."

Doctors we spoke with say those students have a reason to be concerned... They are at a high risk of catching the virus, especially since so many of them live in such close quarters.

WT Student Crystal Pena says, "Everywhere you go on campus there's like Kleenexes and Germ-x everywhere. And they have signs everywhere that say if you feel sick don't come to class."

Student Medical Services Dr. Jim Gibbs says, "We're pretty much everything I know to do on a college campus to try to decrease the spread to people that don't have it."

But there's one thing they can't do... And that's guarantee those students the H1N1 vaccine.

College students are low on the vaccine priority list, falling behind pregnant women, small children and health care workers.

That's because most college age people are healthy and will recuperate quickly, most likely without the complications the other groups might experience.

That vaccine is set to arrive in our area by early December.