Oral Cancer Detection

by Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX -  Oral cancer is on the rise not only in Amarillo but across the country. NewsChannel10's Ryan Cody visited with one area dentist who's using a new tool to fight this devastating disease.

Luana Ward is in for her same old teeth cleaning. But this time theres a new tool involved. Its called the VELscope and a he says "Its painless, absolutely painless."

It's used to help prevent extra pain in the form of oral cancer. A disease that kills one american every minute. Edward Sauer of the Sheman Dental Group says most oral cancer is impossible to see with the naked eye.  "Its just a quick way that gives us a second pair of eyes to hopefully detect things early."

And most dentists believe that if you can see the cancer without the VELscope. Then it might be too late.  Sauer says "If you catch it. If you detect it yourself then its 95 percent fatal. But if I catch it then theres a 95 percent chance we're going to be fine."

In Lluana's case there's nothing for her to be worried about. Something that makes her feel a whole lot better.  "Theres been cancer in my family and I know that early detection is very very important so if this will give you that. Then I think its great."

And Dr. Sauer says so do most of his patients. Maybe soon you will too as this technology is becoming more and more popular.