Vote for Kyler and Lanie Kuykendall in the K-nexpert Challenge

An Amarillo brother and sister are competing in the K-nexpert challenge.

Kyler and Lanie Kuykindale are competing for a $10,000 scholarship.

12 and 8 are the ages of these national K-nex competitors. Kyler has been competing in the Knex -pert challenge for 4 years. He says this is his biggest creation yet. "I call it the knexoid, it shoots out ping pongs balls they come back from a chamber and a motor helps shoot the ping pong balls over and over again," he said.

Lanie, his sister built a life size house complete with a ceiling fan and tea set. "There is a sink that balls shoot out and it goes down a drain it has a soap dispenser that has a spring that pops it in and up and down I have a chair that I can sit in without it breaking," she said. 

Both children are wanting to win the scholarship and someday work for the Knex company.

You can vote for Kyler and Lanie by going to , click on the knexpert at the top of the page. Kyler is in the 12 year olds and Lanie is in the 7-8 year old group.