Superintendents Say Closing School Was a Success

Area superintendents say closing schools due to the flu was worth it.

Many districts that closed last week re-opened on Monday and the majority of their classrooms were full.

Three out of the five districts that closed last week re-opened Monday.

Judging by attendance rates on Monday, all of the superintendents we spoke with say closing the schools was a great decision, but many are hesitant to say "problem solved" because you never know when another round of flu cases could sweep through the hallways.

Lets check out how things have changed for these districts since they closed down.

Darrouzette ISD had a 70% attendance rate when it closed last Wednesday. Today it's back up at 89%.

Now onto Sanford-Fritch ISD, where attendance jumped from 70%to 93%after shutting down for two days.

Stinnett's WT Middle School's attendance rate increased from 60% to 95% in the four days it was shut down.

Wildorado ISD currently has a 99% attendance rate, up from 74% last week. Booker ISD also closed it's doors last week due to illness, and is set to re-open Tuesday morning.

Across Texas, more than 30 school districts have shut their doors for the same reason.