Got Questions About the Flu? New Website Has the Answers

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Tracking the H1N1 flu and finding out all the latest up-to-the-minute news about the virus is now just a mouse click away.

The Texas Department of Health recently launched a new website to help you stay ahead of the flu. It's called, and we're one of the only states in the nation to launch a website completely dedicated to the flu.

If you have questions about the flu, chances are good this website has the answers you're looking for.

It's been up and running for just over a week now, and local doctors we spoke with say thanks to this website, Texans are now more prepared to handle the virus than ever before.

Dr. Nancy Chasteen at Amarillo Urgent Care says, "I think it's excellent. I really hope there are enough people who hear about it."

Judging by the crowded waiting rooms all across the Panhandle, there is no shortage of folks who need to check out this website's information.

You'll find an entire page devoted to keeping babies healthy, another devoted to descriptions of flu symptoms and yet another full of frequently asked questions, including perhaps the biggest one of all... How long to keep you child out of school if they become sick.

Dr. Chasteen says, "What do they do with a child that's gonna be home for five days? What happens if you keep them home for five days and then you get the flu?"

There's also another page that tracks flu activity across the state.

Plus, you'll find a county by county breakdown of where you can find the flu vaccine. "I really hope it encourages people to get vaccinated as well."

The website it updated regularly, so you'll find all the latest information.

The web address is a pretty easy one to remember... Just log onto