Wind Energy Seminar Educates Landowners

Your home could be powered by wind energy a lot sooner than you think if all goes according to plan. And WT is letting area landowners know what to expect as wind farm development continues.

Today the university's Alternative Energy Institute hosted its third "Windy Landowners Seminar" for those who may be affected by the coming transmission lines.

The program is designed to give landowners a better understanding of wind energy and development, as AEI's Director of Education and Outreach Ken Starcher notes, "Wind farm growth has happened very well here in Texas - it's growing in the panhandle, so bringing in this type of program to the panhandle is going to make more people aware of it and better-informed to make good decisions with their property."

Texas currently leads the nation in wind energy production with almost four thousand megawatts of wind energy.

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