Harder to Buy: Follow-Up Report

By Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Reaction from a story that aired exclusively on NewsChannel 10 is making it harder for minors to buy alcohol. This all started after NewsChannel 10 aired a ride-along with the potter county sheriff's office.

They were setting up stings to see who sells to minors. That weekend, 15 percent of stores and restaurants tested failed -- a number Toot' n Totum's CEO wants to see decrease.

The company has started their own in-house stings - were each store is tested at least once a week. So far six people have been fired because of it.

The company also has a new policy to card anyone who looks like they are under 30. They are doing this even though not a single Toot' n Totum store failed the stings in the original story.