Updated: Dalhart Woman Shot Dead In Front Of Grandchildren; Husband Sought

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Dalhart, Texas - The suspect in Dalhart's latest murder remains at large as authorities search for him for the second day in a row.

63 year old Elva Perez Cancino was gunned down in the parking lot outside her apartment at 700 Peach Street around 8:45 Wednesday night.  Her grandchildren saw the whole thing.  Now, her husband, 78 year old Jose Abel Cancino, is the main suspect and nowhere to be found.

Authorities have combed Dalhart for any sign of Cancino, and alerted authorities in Midland and Mexico, where he has family.

Police Chief Tom Sanford says everything started on Wednesday when "they had just come from church and the two grandchildren were with them and witnessed the shooting."

The shooting startled Kerbi Williams, who lives just across the street from where it happened.

Williams says, "me and my boyfriend were in my room watching tv when we heard two really loud pops so we came outside to check it out and we saw a guy in a gray hoodie running between the junior high and high school."

Right now, all police know is the two had marital problems, but they know of no exact motive.

Chief Sanford says, "it appears she was bringing in Christmas decorations into the apartment and gone to unload Christmas decorations when he came up and shot her."

We spoke with one of Elva's children on Thursday, and he said Jose was often mean to his mom.  In fact, he told us he was planning on getting her out of here, but says he was too late.

As for the children who saw their grandmother die, he says they are staying with relatives right now outside of town.

Dalhart schools were on lockdown on Thursday but the superintendent says he does not believe they will be on Friday.