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An Amarillo High Student Tackles a Car Thief

David Smith David Smith
Rod Banister Rod Banister

An Amarillo High student catches a suspected car thief and tackles him.

David Smith and his stepfather Rod Banister saw the brake lights in David's 1998 Cadillac .

Ron thought David was in the car so he yelled out to him, it wasn't David. "I looked outside and saw David's car with the brake lights on I thought he was out there listening to the radio so I hollered for him and he was in his room, he thought I was joking, I said come here someone is in your car," said Banister.

David took off running after the suspected car thief on foot. "I just thought jump on him, he hit the ground and that was it," he said.

An Off-Duty Police Officer heard the scuffle and helped David detain the man. It turns out that the suspect had dropped a duffel bag full of wallets, ID's, and money that he had taken earlier. "He had some money in there and some ID's and peoples belongings, garage door openers stuff like that," said David.

David is a brave guy, he didn't think twice about getting hurt to help put the bad guy away. "I am very proud of him I know it was a brave thing for him to do it was a scary situation to find out that he had just been released from prison two months ago," said Banister.

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