Technology a protection against flu

Dr. Leigh Browning
Dr. Leigh Browning

By Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Canyon, Texas - The flu is affecting how some students are taking their exams at West Texas A and M University.

Dr. Leigh Browning's new media class, which meets on campus, took their comprehensive exam tonight online. She says she had an unusually high number of students missing class because of the flu so she decided the entire class would actually take the test via the internet.

"We have mobile, virtual, and digital classrooms anywhere in the world. so if the number of students with the flu prevents us from having a face to face class, we simply move that to an online environment."

Dr. Browning says the downside for students is there is a stricter time constraint on taking the exam. On the other hand, there is little risk of contracting the flu.