Flu Not Closing Canyon ISD

Christy Bertolino, Canyon ISD
Christy Bertolino, Canyon ISD

Despite numerous rumors swirling around town saying otherwise, Canyon ISD will not be closing it's schools due to the H1N1 virus.

Canyon ISD appears to be one of the harder hit districts in our immediate area, with four schools reporting significantly lower-than-normal attendance rates.

The health authority though, has told school officials, as it stands now, there is no public health benefit to shutting down.

Canyon ISD's Christy Bertolino says, "We plan on staying open and continuing to provide that instruction to our students as long as we can. The only exception would be that if we lose enough staff members that we just cannot operate a school campus. We don't have enough subs, we don't have enough staff members to operate a school. In that event we would have to consider closing campus."

Given the current conditions, the health authority is recommending all schools in our immediate area stay open.

If your child becomes sick with the flu, the health authority is recommending they stay home from school for seven days, just to be on the safe side.